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Practical training

Gaining practical experiences outside of campus enables students to reach out into the industry, gaining experiences with work-place and social enviroment. The enables students to adapt and have better chances to succeed in the industry. It is also to take textbook knowledge into effect, a step that had been less-provided in other systems. Through the internship, students will be able to acquire eighteen credits. The aims of this are:


  • Experience a matter of discipline.
  • Goes learning by doing.
  • Enrich social and team work.
  • Stay competitive.
  • Operate actual equipment and machinary.


    There are collaborations established with a number aviations corporations to provide the internship. Taichung is especially well connected for this with intelligent and machinary infrastructures, which are part of the five primary industries. This connects to the future global development of industry 4.0 with aerospace leaders such as AIDC.

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