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> Internship goals and content

The internship course is to implement the experience education plan of "theory and practice", so that students can learn by entering the off-campus internship unit.

  > Use the industry to provide an implementation place to cultivate students' professional skills and discipline.

  > In the spirit of "doing middle school and doing it in school", we have a deeper understanding of the combination of theory and practice.

  > Learn how to deal with people, and cultivate teamwork spirit and professional ethics.

  > Train students to be independent in work and life and improve competitiveness. After graduation, it is easy to connect to employment channels.

  > Through the internship course, students can apply what the school has learned in the internship institution, so that they can have practical experience and application ability in the workplace after graduation.

> Partners in cooperation

The internship field of the cooperating object includes at home and abroad as the work field for student internship. In particular, students are encouraged to participate in off-campus internships in the whole academic year and go to internships in institutions that have links with the school or establish partnerships with the department in China, in order to expand their horizons and learn from diversified and rich practical experience. Taichung City is the core of the "Smart Machinery Industry Action Plan". In the five major industrial innovation research and development plan promoted by the Ministry of Economy, both smart machinery and national defense aerospace are very close to Taichung, and are also suitable for the two closely related development aspects of Taichung Industry 4.0 flagship plan. Our school has cooperated with Han Xiang, the leader of the aerospace industry. The company and AirAsia signed an internship cooperation agreement to improve the cooperation between the two sides in off-campus internship, talent recruitment and employment. The two sides also agreed to support each other in practical teaching teachers and technical study exchanges.