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Air Asia post opening

1. 24 openings
2. Recruitment and examination 11MAR-20APR. online TOEIC mock exam, and basic math and science.
3. Interview 13APR-20APR.
4. Employment date 03MAY2022 with 5 months of training.
5. Probation first 5 months during training. If candidate does not complete probation, they are require to provide the training fees.
6. Initial salary $30000/month (Post-graduate $31000/month). Salary after training $33000/month (Post-graduate $34000/month) with additional benefits for staying with us.
7. Minimum service period is 3 years.
8. Service over 2 years can be assessed for promotion.
9. Apply through the 104 website or email henrywu@airasia.com.tw or 366345@airasia.com.tw
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